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Castrol lubricants for high-performance experiences

The brand name Castrol is automatically associated with oil and vehicle protection. Whether its conventional engine oil, Castrol diesel, synthetic, a synthetic blend or high mileage, conventional you have over 100-years of expertise supporting you with an established international reputation. Castrol is recognized as a world leader in the provision of innovative and high-performance lubricant solutions.

Maximum performance is demanded and expected by discerning consumers today and the technological advancements seen in products such as Castrol motor oil offer them this security as vehicle engines become smaller in size yet with greater power and efficiency. It has, therefore become incumbent upon manufacturers such as Castrol, to help in providing increased fuel economy, with reduced emissions and a high performance. The result; is that their innovative capabilities are being tested as never before.

An example of present-day engine performance demands is shown by them producing pressures of up to 10-tons per square centimetre. This can be compared to placing five cars on a high-heeled shoe! At the same time, this amount of pressure generates a higher stress factor in the oil and associated development, the cost of which is inherent in the Castrol oil price. In addition, there is increased metal-upon-metal contact resulting in a degree of friction that can detract significantly from the performance of your engine.

The Castrol oil solutions

The proven innovation in Castrol products is further visible with its Titanium strengthened Edge oil, which combats viscosity breakdown, with strength reportedly triple that of comparable foremost synthetic and conventional oils. It is based on original titanium technology, designed to physically change the behaviour patterns of oil subjected to extreme pressures. A Castrol oil finder will provide details regarding the degree of friction reduction and the maximizing of your engine performance.

A further consideration for you is that 75-percent of your engine wear takes place during the initial warm-up period. This is due to the oil draining from critical engine parts when the engine is turned off. The solution from Castrol motor oil development is GTX Magnatec, the intelligent oil!

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