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Zeetex tyres was established in 2005, and manufactures a wide range of products.Tyres, batteries & lubricants, as well as over 500+ differentiated items for the automotive industry. They have a wide range of tyres alone
Zeetex offer tyres for passenger car, SUVs 4X4s, light truck, truck and buses, and winter tyres.

Passenger cars

•    ZT3000 tyres –shorter braking distance in wet conditions, good wet dry grip, reduced road noise for quieter ride
•    ZT2000 tyres –increased tyre life, enhanced cornering, better traction in wet conditions
•    HP1000 tyres –reduced risk of aquaplaning, enhanced cornering and stability, reduced noise level
•    HP102 tyres –improved handling and shorter stopping distance, better grip on both dry and wet surfaces

SUV 4X4 tyres

•    AT1000 tyres –all terrain, improved handling both on and off road, reduced noise level for a quieter ride
•    HT1000 tyres –reduced risk to aquaplaning, lower noise level, better grip and braking in wet conditions
•    SU1000 tyres –enhanced stability, better braking in both dry and wet conditions

Light truck tyres

•    AT100LT tyres –longer tread life, enhanced grip and handling both on wet and dry roads
•    CT1000 tyres –good grip and braking on both wet and dry roads with longer tread life
•    HT1000LT tyres –enhanced grip on wet and dry surfaces
That’s just a few of the tyres that Zeetex offer.


Zeetex Tyres

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