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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop tyres has 128 years of history behind it. John Boyd Dunlop the founder of Dunlop Tyres created the first pneumatic tyre in 1888. Since then Dunlop Tyre has continued to research and develop innovations in tyres.

Car tyres

Small cars

SP WinterSport M3 –a premium winter tyre that provides good traction on snow, better resistance to aquaplaning, better braking, and run on flat
SP WinterSport 4D –for high performance cars with enhanced traction on snow and ice, better control and grip in wet conditions, and better fuel economy
Winter Response 2 –provides better braking and handling in winter conditions, low rolling resistance for better fuel economy
• SP WinterSport 3D –winter tyre for better drivability in all weather conditions, improved dry and wet handling, better resistance of aquaplaning
• SP WinterResponse –winter tyre giving good traction on snow, better grip in cold weather
• StreetResponse 2 –summer tyre for city driving provides shorter braking distance on wet and dry surfaces
Sport Maxx RT –excellent grip on both wet and dry, cornering control, fuel efficient
• SP SportMaxx TT –superb handling and cornering excellent grip and braking
• SP Sport FastResponse –better wet weather performance, precision cornering control, and fuel efficient
• SP SportMaxx GT –for high performance sport driving provides high speed and cornering stability

Medium Cars

• SP WinterSport M3 –winter tyre gives good traction on snow, more resistance to aquaplaning, better braking, and run on flat technology
• SP WinterSport 4D –enhanced traction on snow and ice, fuel efficient, better control and grip for wet surfaces
• Winter Response 2 –reliable winter braking, low rolling resistance for better fuel economy
• Sport Maxx RT –summer tyre enhanced cornering, shorter braking distance, fuel efficient
• SP SportMaxx TT –excellent braking and grip for summer weather, better handling and control
Sport BluResponse –better braking both dry and wet surfaces, better fuel economy, noise reduced
SP Sport 9000 –summer tyre for high performance vehicles, better handling, grip, stability, and durability


• Grandtrek WT M3 –better traction in snow, better grip, and more resistant to aquaplaning
• SP Sport 270 –better grip, enhanced cornering stability, and good on all terrains
• Grandtrek AT2 =good gravel and dirt performance, low noise and a better wet traction
• SP Sport 5000 –for luxury SUVs excellent all weather traction and comfortable ride
• SP Grandtrek ST1 –all season tyre for small and medium SUV better high speed stability, snow and wet performance, reduced noise level

Light truck

• SP WinterSport 3D –winter tyre with improved grip in both dry and wet conditions, resistance to aquaplaning
• SP LT 60 –winter tyre with low noise, better traction, and longer tyre life
• Econodrive –summer tyre better handling and durability

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