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Marshal Tyre has a 25 year history and sell a wide range of tyres from cars to heavy trucks. Using the newest technology new tyres are always being manufactured and introduced into the market in order to keep up with current market demands for various sizes and needs. In the UK, Marshal tyre is principally available through the Marshal Platinum Club, a network of some 300 independent retailers.

Car tyres

• Matrac |FX MU11 tyres –provides better resistance to aquaplaning, more stability in cornering at high speeds, better handling and traction in wet conditions
• Matrac |XM KH35 tyres –better performance in wet conditions and combines ride comfort with sports performance
Matrac |MH11 tyres –a high performance tyre with improved resistance to aquaplaning, wet traction and braking, improved handling in dry conditions
KR11 tyres – improved wet traction, reduced tread noise, improved resistance to aquaplaning, reduced fuel consumption, long tyre life
• Matrac |FX MU19 tyres –provides better wet weather performance, better high speed stability and grip

SUVs tyres

Matrac X3 |KL17 tyres =improved stability, better water dispersion for resistance to aquaplaning, low road noise, long tread wear
• Road Venture PT |KL51 tyres –improved mileage, traction, and stability
Road Venture AT |KL78 tyres –all terrain tyre with improved braking and stability
• Road Venture MT |KL71 tyres –mountain and rock climbing, improved on road performance
• 857 | Radial –tyres increased mileage and traction for light trucks and vans
• 856 |Steel Radial tyres –improved traction and handling, reduced noise and vibration

Truck tyres

• KRS02 |Longmark tyres – improved durability and stability, long tread wear

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