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Yokohama started production of tyres in 1919. In 1958 they launched their first nylon cord tyre by 1970; their first steel radial tyre for truck and bus was manufactured. In 1981 saw their release for tubeless radial ryres for trucks and buses.
Car Tyres
ADVAN Sport V105 –for premium and high performance cars, giving excellent wet performance, low rolling resistance that gives better fuel economy, and reduced noise level
ADVAN Sport V103 –fore premium and high performance cars, high performance SUVs, exception braking and handling in extreme conditions, low noise, and comfortable ride
ADVAN Neova AD08 –good grip both wet and dry, durable tread wear
ADVAN Neova AD08R –better grip, control, braking on both wet and dry
• BluEarth-1 –very fuel efficient, reduced noise, enhanced safety on wet roads
C.drive2 –low rolling resistance for better fuel economy, better handling and mileage –for roadsters
PARADA Spec-X –for luxury SUVs, better wet and dry grip and durability
Winter V905 –for high performance cars and SUVs better fuel efficiency, better drainage both wet and snow V902B – high performance on dry, wet and snow covered surfaces
• V902A –enhanced performance on dry, wet, and snow covered surfaces V903–enhanced performance on dry, wet, and snow covered surfaces
ADVAN Winter –adopted for the flagship models of some of the world´s leading car manufacturers
SUV and 4X4s
• GEOLANDAR iT+ -improved traction on snow and ice
• ADVAN S.T. –improved braking and handling in extreme conditions
PARADA Spec-X –excellent grip both wet and dry, durability
• GEOLANDAR SUV –fuel savings, low noise, better grip in wet conditions
• GEOLANDAR H/T-S –for full size SUVs and 4X4s better handling and braking, longer tread wear
Yokohama aslo manufacture large truck tyres that offer traction, handling stability, riding comfort, retreadability and increasing fuel economy for long haul deliveries as well as local deliveries.

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