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Gislaved Euro Frost 5 - the expert for the winter

The Scandinavian tyre Manufacturer Gislaved is famous for its high-quality models. The winter tyres Euro Frost 5 convinces in every respect - no wonder, has this car winter tyres but an excellent snow traction and long life.

The Gislaved Euro Frost 5 offers excellent snow Shot

With the Gislaved Euro Frost 5 you can look forward to let snow and ice. Because even on icy and slippery roads, the popular feeling Gislaved winter tyres all around. The special tread pattern with its high groove volume and numerous block edges and sipes takes the snow very well - optimal snow traction is thus given in any case. Even the ride comfort comes at the Gislaved Euro Frost 5 too: Contributing to the narrow longitudinal grooves which divide the blocks in the central region and in the shoulder. This ensures a uniform pressure distribution along the entyre ground contact area and for even wear - and thus a long service life. Thanks to the Gislaved Euro Frost is thus enjoys the highest safety and optimum comfort in all road and weather conditions.

Gislaved - Swedish high-performance tyres for all members

With their high level of performance and long life to know the car tyres from Gislaved always been customers around the world to convince. The Swedish company is in the development and production of high quality and high safety standards, which at each drive with the high quality tyres from Gislaved can also be felt. Particularly well known are the winter tyres of renowned manufacturer which have been specially designed for extreme Nordic winter.

The Gislaved Euro Frost 5 is safe even with snow and ice on the road. This is ensured by the special tread pattern which ensures excellent snow traction and a safe handling even at extremely low temperatures.

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