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0w20 engine oil

How much do you know about engine oil and its features? This is one of the questions some drivers ask themselves, when they face with necessity to change engine oil. Some of the take their cars to mechanics, others prefer to cut expenses on car services and do it on their own.

There are different types of oils and it is important to understand the label. There are synthetic and semi- synthetic oils. Specialist recommend to use fully synthetic oils as they are manufactured from synthetic base stock and additives that ensure higher performance results. If you are buying engine oil of a reliable brand, the bottle will contain information about oil viscosity. More and more factory filled vehicles are sold with 0W20 synthetic engine oil. This type of oil has a low viscosity index, which results in better lubrication in cold conditions and fewer losses. The first number in 0W20 means the oil’ viscosity at startup when the engine is cold, W stands for winter, and 20 is viscosity grade at hot climate or higher temperatures.

0W20 synthetic engine oil is proved to be fuel –saving, reliable product that efficiently protects the engine from overheating and quick wear. With this type of motor oil, engine oil can be changed not every 10,000 km but around 15,000 km. 0W20 is the product that will provide excellent protection any time.

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It is understandable that all drivers want the best for the less. In other words, all want excellent quality oil for a lower price. Although 0W20 synthetic engine oil is more expensive, you get saving in fewer oil changes over the year. Moreover, you can always shop online to buy 0W20 cheaper. Online 0W20 oil price is usually lower that in regular shops.

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