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15W40 engine oil

Choosing the right lubricant for car engine is immensely important. Most car owners prefer to go to service station to change it, and some of them have no idea what oil is used or which features it has. However, the bottle of any oil has all you need to know to understand whether a particular oil is good for the engine of your car. For instance, when should you use 15W40 motor oil?

The Society of Automotive Engineers has established a special scale that indicates the viscosity of the oil. Viscosity is one of the main features of the engine oil. This is how the oil flows under the impact of various temperatures. Most engine oils manufactured today are multigrade, which means they have two viscosity specifications. In hot weather multigrade oil gets thicker, and in cold weather it has a better flow providing good lubrication of the engine. Oil with lubrication index 15W is good for tropical weather and hot temperatures. In addition, unlike oils with lower index of viscosity, 15W40 does not evaporate quickly. Among the most known manufacturers of 15W40 oils you will find Total, Shell, Castrol, and Mobil.

The best 15W40 price

Just like any driver you probably want to save money and still get a high-quality product. If you understand what engine oil you need for your car, you should buy and change it on your own. First, it is a great opportunity to save money usually spent on services, and second, you will get more for less – the whole bottle of oil that can be used in the future. In addition, you are recommended to buy oil products in online shops that usually have the same quality oils at a lower price. Shop conveniently and reasonably!

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