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What is the legend behind the Elf Lubricants?

Many may ask about the perceived legend attached to the Elf brand. It has been established by a dedicated technological expertise and the commitment towards producing a premium product, Elf motor oil. Motivated by the determination to be a leader in its field, the Research and Development (R&D) has succeeded in anticipating the demands of its market segments.

It is a brand that is by nature, competitive and its high degree of effectiveness has been founded on constant technological innovation. Whether related to the products directly, as seen in the Elf oil finder or inspiration as shown in the brand association with winners. For many participants in motorsports, the Elf logo represents success by way of professionalism and excellent quality.

Your entrance to the world of Elf oil

ELF is a brand firmly established in many and varied marketplaces worldwide. With an inherent status and prestige, it projects a form of charisma that has attracted consumers to its highly technical product value. However, with its public awareness factor, the brand has succeeded in maintaining a natural competitive Elf engine oil price. It’s a brand that has also focused on products designed for high-performance and with an enhanced attraction for consumers.

To help in your search for the most suitable engine oil, Elf provides an advisory service which will recommend the preferred oil lubricant that has been designed for your particular vehicle model. Whether it’s in connection with oil for cars or motorcycles or trucks, 14 countries offer this advisory service and you'll be assured of obtaining the ELF product specifically adapted for your particular vehicle.

The competitiveness of this product is replicated by the Elf oil price which is consistent with the legendary value that has always been a deciding factor for many!

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