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A market leading Shell Lubricants technology insight

Shell is the recognised world-leading supplier of lubricants in more than one-hundred countries. It offers lubricant products that have inherent world-class technological insights and which accordingly provide the best available lubricants for your vehicles. This service quality is further supported by consideration for their consumers, which is seen in the form of Shell pricing controls. Reportedly, it is anticipated that by the end of 2018, the Shell oil price inventories will show levels corresponding with those of the previous five-year average.

However, it’s more than pricing that makes this oil special. It could relate to a user-friendly versatility and flexibility, combined with high-performance values; for example the Helix fully synthetic Shell motor oil! This product is produced from 100-percent synthetic based stock with high-quality additives. It is designed for the achievement of upgraded performance levels beyond those of synthetic technology and mineral oils.

To further enhance the excellent quality of these synthetic based engine oils from Shell a registered Active Cleansing Technology was added. It acts as a superior cleansing and protection agent that helps meets the demanding needs of vehicle engines and their owners, today!

Your complete Shell oil engine protection

It is not only freezing or burning hot environmental conditions that can test oils to extreme levels, but also everyday stop-start city driving in congested traffic or on the motorway. These seemingly ordinary lifestyle driving experiences, in fact, provide severe operating conditions for engine oil. A Shell oil finder will help determine the most appropriate oil for your specific needs, for example, Shell Helix Ultra!

This is fully synthetic formulated oil that provides maximum Shell protection in conditions that are severely hot or in extremely cold environments, and when driving conditions are severely adverse. Shell is aware that for those tasked with the responsibility to buy Shell oil for wide and varied forms of transport, including trucks and motorcycles, provider flexibility is required.

The development for trucks and other heavy-duty usage is the mineral engine oil, Shell Rimula. It incorporates a versatile technology that offers extraordinary protection against wear. In addition, the factor of a reduced viscosity effectively improves fuel efficiency. Mineral oil is a distillate of naturally occurring crude oil, which contains determined properties for engine lubrication.

The Rimula Shell motor oil contains powerful antioxidants that chemically activate and neutralize acids before they have the capacity to corrupt your engine oil and damage your engine!

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