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The Valvoline Oil commitment to performance perfection

Probably every motorist on planet Earth has heard of the Model T Ford, which first saw mass production during the nineteen-twenties. What may not be so well known is that they were filled with Valvoline motor oil before leaving the Ford plant. During the more than 100-years since that time, technology has developed significantly including that associated with lubricants. Valvoline has been an integral part of this innovation explosion and continues today with the same dedication.

It is a commitment to motoring performance perfection that has existed for over 150-years; Valvoline continued to provide motorists in all their forms, with the highest-quality motor oil and engine lubricants at the best possible Valvoline engine oil price! From its founding, the Valvoline commitment to innovation has been apparent, with its original creativeness and the reconstructed formulas. They were designed for the racing tracks, but also in the line, were recycled motor oils, as well as high-mileage and synthetic oils. This dedication to innovative development is seen in the Valvoline oil finder.

Keeping vehicles on the move worldwide with Valvoline lubricants

Contributing to the high product-related value of engine oil, Valvoline has a policy of not refining base oils from crude. It has enabled them with the flexibility to research the market for the finest and most suitable base oils available for their determined brand motor oils and various lubricants needs. The result is an enviable quality, evident in the contents of every container boasting the Valvoline™ brand name.

A petroleum-based lubricant was developed for steam engines, over 150-years ago by Dr. John Ellis, which resulted in the formation of Valvoline. It has proven to be a company committed to innovation and providing only the highest quality motor oils, lubricants and cleaners at the best possible Valvoline oil price.

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